Луцькі активісти поїхали в Одесу зміцнювати зв’язки з місцевою громадою та обмінюватися досвідом.
В перший день п’ятеро активістів завітали у Dobro HUB, в смт Доброславськ.
6 February 2017
Recovery crafts, experience and Nikopol Lviv
From 20 to 24 January 2017 Nikopol Regional Development Agency will implement a project to preserve Ukrainian traditions and sharing experiences with ...
10 January 2017
Workshops on cultural and creative industries: how, why and what are the results. Tips from a famous business coach
Educational activities on running the business in the cultural economy are becom...
13 March, 14:03
The exchange between creative studios
Christmas exchange between creative people
19 January, 16:01
COURSES FOR CULTURAL managers from leading European experts
Representatives of cultural and creative industries can undergo a series of onli...
16 January, 14:01
About "Creative Europe"
"Creative Europe" - a program of the European Union, aims to support cultural an...
29 December, 17:12
What is the cultural and creative industries
4.5% of global GDP with a projected growth of 10% annually.  Develop faster tha...
29 December, 17:12